About Us

Meet The People Who Make BAYCSC Possible



Natasha (Corbin) Li (they/them)

Communications Officer

Natasha Li is a senior at Leigh High School and a part of the Middle College/College Advantage program at West Valley College. They plan to major in Mechanical Engineering and used to hate coding, but after joining BAYCSC they see slightly more value in it.


Austin Wu (he/him)

Data Officer

Austin Wu is a junior at Carlmont High School and has been with BAYCSC since 2019. He is passionate about Computer Science and loves to make fun projects in his free time. His hobbies include moderating Discord communities in his free time, playing piano, reading, and writing.


Sulayman Asif (he/him)

Systems Officer

Sulayman Asif is a senior at Westmont High School and a part of the Middle College/College Advantage program at West Valley College. He joined BAYCSC in 2020. Prior to joining, he hated CS. After working on the CS+ project and taking an Intro to Java course at West Valley College, he decided to major in CS.


Andrew Cruz (he/him)

Education Officer

Andrew Cruz is a junior at Carlmont High School and has been a part of BAYCSC since 2020. He enjoys creating web projects and competitive programming. In his free time, he plays tennis and gets to hang out with his two younger brothers!


Ashish Jayamohan (he/him)

Operations Officer

Ashish Jayamohan is a high school senior in California attending the West Valley College Advantage program. His hobbies include Unicycling, Ventriloquism, Extreme Ironing, and collects ornate decorated forks in his spare time.


Aminah Oladapo (she/her)

Brand Officer

Aminah Oladapo is a senior at Clarksburg High School. She is a tutor to elementary and middle school students. Aminah is very interested in learning about the applications of Computer Science, which drew her to BAYCSC. She enjoys travelling and making new connections. As a Black hijabi woman she encourages other WOC to explore CS.

Junior Officers


Catherine Hung (she/her)

Systems Junior Officer

Catherine Hung is a junior at Palo Alto High School. She makes an impact on the CS community by sharing her passion of CS with other youth. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and reading, and her favorite book is Architect by Charles Belfoure. She enjoys creating CS projects that automate tasks.


Madison Campbell (she/her)

Operations Junior Officer

Madison Campbell is a junior at Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School. She joined BAYCSC in early 2021 in efforts to get more involved in CS. In her spare time, she enjoys playing video games, experimenting in photoshop, as well as spending time with her friends! She is also apart of her school's varsity field hockey team!


Yuan Garcia (he/him)

Operations Junior Officer

Yuan Garcia is a junior at Mills High School. He likes to code in his free time and plans to major in CS, which drew him to BAYCSC. He is an avid fountain pen enjoyer and hates cotton tote bags and Big Oil. Yuan is bilingual, speaking both Mandarin Chinese and English. Yuan is interested in attending MIT, and is passionate about both teaching and learning Computer Science.



Emily Thomforde (she/her)

CS Program Advisor, California County Boards of Education

Dr. e is a freelance CS curriculum developer and CS education advocate. She previously served as the Maker Education and Computer Science Coordinator at the San Mateo County Office of Education. She advocates for equity in K-12 Computer Science and supports teachers and districts in building rigorous pathways to deliver the California K-12 CS Standards. Emily is a BAFTA-winning video game developer, and has five years of experience teaching computer programming, software development and engineering at libraries, prisons, museums, and public schools locally and abroad. Her curriculum development credits include Vidcode, Hopscotch, Code.org, Code Combat, and BrainPOP. Emily holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, UK.